The W-Drink

My day job is in technology, and we do this thing called Agile where we work in 2-week increments (among other things).  There are 52 weeks in a year, so 26 sprints, and also 26 letters in the alphabet, so teams often have a theme for the year, then go through the alphabet to name their sprints.

I work with a bunch of foodies, so we've been doing food, but for our W sprint, the team has commissioned a beverage.  "Whiskey"-something was too easy, and we have some non-drinkers on our team, so I've chosen Wolfberry (aka goji berry) as my inspiration.

I'll post the full recipe next week after I know it works, but for now, I think it involves a ginger, wolfberry and vanilla simple syrup (which the non-drinkers will get in soda), fig-infused Tito's, and a pistachio honey liqueur currently steeping in the basement.

Watch this space.

Update: If you don't drink, get the syrup here, and add to soda. If you do drink, the official W-Drink can be found here.